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Raising the Questions in “Hellbound?”

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Yesterday, Gary and I went Pickler’s Famous Theater in small-town Kirksville, Missouri to see a screening of Kevin Miller’s new documentary Hellbound? As the trailer suggests, the movie is all about raising questions. Perhaps you have always held a traditional view on Hell. Maybe you didn’t know there were any other options out there. Maybe it’s because that is what your parents believed, what your pastor preached, what you found the Bible to say. Maybe you haven’t given it that much thought or asked too many questions. But maybe you have been too scared to. Maybe what you need is someone to tell you, “It’s safe to ask the questions.” Hellbound? is a film all about the questions; raising them, asking them, living in their tension. You will be hearing more on our thoughts on the film in the weeks to come but for now, watch the trailer and then head over the Hellbound?, find a screening near you, and join on Hell of a conversation.

 Hellbound? Official Theatrical Trailer HD from Kevin Miller on Vimeo.

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One thought on “Raising the Questions in “Hellbound?”

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